Organized in the guise of a game

the search for recognizable words

the process entices repeated interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How many words are there?
A. English may have nearly a million words, but usage is much too fluid to allow any precise count. There are exactly 17,576 (26 cubed) possible three letter combinations. Five hundred and thirty-one have been deemed sufficiently meritorious for inclusion in this dictionary.

Q. You forgot xyz, huh?
A. This dictionary strives to list three-letter English words. There are no acronyms, no abbreviations, no foreign words, and no proper names. Contributions are welcome at

Q. Is mine missing some definitions?
A. Since there are only twenty-six pages some compromises prove necessary.

Q. What’s “containers” mean?
A. "Containers" indicates words composed solely of the holy female letters, a, b, d, e, o, p, and q. Note that majuscule containerisms differ.

Q. What do you mean there’s a “magical” 78 inside the Try Angular Oracle?
A. English language gematria associates values to letters according to the following linear relationship: A-1, B-2, C-3, etc. Using the apex MINDRT as an example, (M:13 + I:9 + N:14 + D:4 + R:18 + T:20) = 78.

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