Whereby they may the more easilie and better vnderstand many hard English wordes, vvhich they shall heare or read in scriptures, sermons, or elswhere, and also be made able to vse the same aptly themselues.
Robert Cawdrey

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Latest Results
All Inclusive Formally Interesting The Poem
VZK2016-05-04, 06:47:32 am CDT
ODT2016-04-03, 01:40:42 pm CDT
TAP2016-04-03, 11:28:51 am CDT
TAP2016-04-03, 11:27:20 am CDT
FWT2016-04-03, 11:27:11 am CDT
HXR2016-04-03, 11:26:59 am CDT
LUV2016-04-03, 11:26:49 am CDT
EHQ2016-04-03, 11:26:38 am CDT
VNN2016-04-03, 11:26:27 am CDT
AHE2016-04-03, 11:26:16 am CDT
EHW2016-04-03, 11:26:07 am CDT
WWE2016-04-03, 11:25:56 am CDT
KYT2016-04-03, 11:25:47 am CDT
YQL2016-04-03, 11:25:37 am CDT
AKB2016-04-03, 11:25:28 am CDT
LUVlines2016-04-03, 11:26:49 am CDT
VNNpair2016-04-03, 11:26:27 am CDT
WWEpair2016-04-03, 11:25:56 am CDT
NCNpalindrome2016-04-03, 09:49:30 am CDT
OXHinvertable2016-04-03, 09:48:58 am CDT
CIDinvertable2016-04-03, 09:48:30 am CDT
HGHpalindrome2016-04-03, 09:48:19 am CDT
AQOcontainers2016-04-03, 09:48:07 am CDT
TZTpalindrome2016-04-03, 09:47:45 am CDT
IUZlines2016-04-03, 09:45:35 am CDT
CCOpair2016-04-03, 09:45:13 am CDT
UHHpair2016-04-03, 09:44:28 am CDT
LJZlines2016-04-03, 09:43:55 am CDT
WJVlines2016-04-03, 09:42:15 am CDT
PQDcontainers2016-04-03, 09:40:37 am CDT
TAP2016-04-03, 11:28:51 am CDT
TAP2016-04-03, 11:27:20 am CDT
BEG2013-04-22, 04:22:23 am CDT
SOD2013-04-22, 04:19:17 am CDT
PEE2010-09-29, 10:59:17 am CDT
THE2010-06-02, 04:38:21 am CDT
BUD2010-04-12, 04:13:16 pm CDT
VAN2010-04-01, 08:47:18 pm CDT
WIT2010-04-01, 08:40:19 pm CDT
PUB2010-03-28, 03:42:52 pm CDT
BIT2010-03-28, 03:41:41 pm CDT
COW2010-03-25, 04:17:41 pm CDT
TUB2010-03-12, 11:03:58 pm CST
GUN2010-03-12, 01:06:34 pm CST
REV2010-02-12, 09:57:46 am CST

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